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About me

Hello, my name is Tereza Habartová and I am engaged in individual or group teaching of English, French and Italian. I have been actively involved in all 3 languages for several years. As a long-time experienced lecturer, I focus on the highest quality and most effective transfer of my knowledge in order to teach top grammar and also not to be afraid to actively communicate. In order for a student to learn a new language excellently, it takes a solid foundation, which I build from the first lesson.

 In the case of advanced individuals, I return to the basics only briefly to seal any shortcomings and smoothly move to their current level and subsequent development. For teaching, I use high-quality and tested teaching materials that I send to the student for printing. Part of the lessons are homework so that the student tries to devote himself to the language outside the online lesson and is thus constantly in contact with the language. 

I care that the course of the lesson is in a friendly spirit, without stress, but at the same time enriching and motivating to look forward to the next lesson.

About me: Personally, I have been actively involved in languages since I was 18 years old. I started teaching in 2010. From 2015 I lived in Oman, where I worked as a flight attendant at Oman air until 2019. At the moment, I am again mainly teaching languages in the Czech Republic, but at the same time I work as a film producer.

The languages I teach

English , French , Italian

Languages I speak

English , Czech , French , Italian

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