Tereza R.


Enthusiastic English and French teacher

About me

My name is Tereza, I am a teacher of English and French. I graduated from a bilingual eight-year grammar school and deepened my language skills at university courses in Manchester, where I studied and worked. I lived in the Netherlands, where I obtained a TEFL certification in Amsterdam at The TEFL Academy, thanks to which I can teach English all over the world. 

And what can you look forward to in my lessons? 
I take English with a joke, so students will not experience boredom in my classes or grammar. I like relaxed and friendly teaching. In the lessons, I recommend to my students methods to surround themselves with English, we learn habits that I have tried on myself and on my students. I myself have been learning foreign languages from the very beginning, so I can understand and empathize with the student and motivate him correctly. 
I will look forward to seeing you at courses or private lessons. 

The languages I teach

English , French

Languages I speak

English , Czech , French

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