Raul Ricardo Odreman


Experienced Spanish teacher, native speaker

About me

My name is Raúl, I am from Venezuela and I have been living in the Czech Republic since 2016.
In 2004 I studied law at the Central University of Venezuela and I specialize in labor law, since 2018 I have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Prague with experience in courses for advanced or beginners.
I try to make my Spanish lessons dynamic, interactive and practical using fun pedagogical methods to make them interesting and motivating.

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English , Spanish

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Raul Ricardo Odreman

by rakesh raj, November 20 2021

Raul was well prepared for all her lessons. he demonstrated sufficient class management skills, his instructions were clear and he managed to achieve his objections. In case of online lessons, he was also able to deal with technical problems that came up without losing the main focus of the lesson.

Raul Ricardo Odreman

by ravindra parihar, November 20 2021

Raul Ricardo Odreman is a great teacher, he can explain the material very well and she teaches in a really fun and memorable way