Papa Sissoko


French and English language teacher (native speaker)

About me

My name is Papa Gounedi Sissoko. I live in the Czech Republic, where I have been teaching general and specialized French for 23 years.

In cooperation with language schools, I lead courses and seminars on thematic topics - in companies, Czech state institutions and ministries - e.g. business, communication, presentation, negotiation, the European Union and its institutions and especially law. 

I taught French diplomacy at the Embassy of Switzerland, the Embassy of Canada, the Embassy of Bulgaria.

My motto is to teach French as an element of the culture of France and French-speaking countries.

Teacher and facilitator of seminars in general French and specialization with state enterprises and institutions
(see list below):

  • Office of the President of the Republic of the Czech Republic - KPR
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic - MPSV
  • Customs of the Czech Republic - GŘC
  • Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic
  • Academy of Justice (Prague, Brno, Straž, Kroměříz)
  • High Prosecutor's Office in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
  • MPO
  • CTU
  • Senate of the Czech Republic
  • Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic - NKU
  • Czech Statistical Office of CSU
  • Czech National Bank CNB
  • Institute of State Affairs ISS CR
  • Office for technical standardization, testing metrology
  • Land fund of the Czech Republic
  • State printing house of valuables of the Czech Republic                           
  • UJV ŘEŽ as
  • They belong to finance
  • L'oreal
  • KB
  • KPMG Czech Republic, s.r.o
  • AXA
  • Ambassade Suisse
  • Embassy of Bulgaria
  • Embassy of Canada

The languages I teach

English , French

Languages I speak

English , Czech , French

Lecturer's courses

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