English online - 0111/spring - A1 Complete beginners - Thursday 16.15-17.45

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  • Complete beginners (A1) , Beginners (A1-A2)
  • English
  • Thursday
  • 16:25 - 17:55
  • 13/04/2023 - 29/06/2023
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  • Max: 6 , free: 3
  • 190.00 EUR 147.00 EUR
  • Spring 2023

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About the course

Course content English File - complete beginners A1

Lessons 1 to 3

Grammar, Vocabulary, topics for speaking and listening
Extra activities

1. My name is Hannah, not Anna
verb to be = verb to be (affirmative sentences); pronouns (I, you , he, …)
Numerals 0–20; days of the week greetings

2. Around the world
verb to be = verb to be (negative sentences and questions)
countries and nationalities; numbers 20 – 1000

3. Open your books, please
possessive pronouns
alphabet ; personal data, class

Practical English: Arrival in London

4. Writer's room
plural= plurals; indefinite article a, an; demonstrative pronouns – this, that, these, those;
things and instructions in the room, interview in the hotel

5. Stars and Stripes
adjectives Writing: personal profile
Description using adjectives, typical American movies/foods/places

6. After 300 meters turn left
imperative = imperatives, let's
Feelings, moods

Repetition and review

7. What I love about Great Britain
present simple = present simple, positive and negative sentences, writing: article in the magazine
Habits typical of Great Britain

8. Work and rest
present simple = present simple, questions.
Jobs, occupation

9. Love online word order in the question, time data Internet dating, visiting a cafe

Repetition and review


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